Solo show “De toi A moi” – nov 9 > dec 18 2022 – Espace Saint Martin – Paris 3rd

exposition personnelle de clothilde Lasserre dans le Marais Paris 4ème - huiles sur toile peinture céramique - de toi à moi - espace saint martin

Here is a great opportunity to enter the world of the artist:

Her creations between oils on canvas and porcelain sculptures take place in the gallery of the Espace Saint-Martin and invite us to discover a work that resonates with the complexity and fragility of human relationships.

The artist, born in Tours in 1969, practices oil until devoting herself entirely to it in 2007. Nourished by her rich universe of human ties, she opens up to ceramics to bring apparent fragility and inner strength.

For this exhibition, Clothilde Lasserre has created a 200x200cm “Race and History” work directly inspired by the book “Race and History” by the anthropologist, ethnologist and philosopher Claude Lévi-Strauss, published in 1952 as part of a series of research part of the UNESCO campaign against racism.

Oscillating between figuration and abstraction, his compositions perfectly embody the tension between multitude and unity. It expresses the delicate balance between the need to preserve our individuality and our need for contact with others. The individual seems drowned in the multitude but it is not so. To the question ‘How do you know if your painting is finished? It seems that one more character or not would not change anything?’, the artist explains that each person is important for the coherence of the scene, she describes a long work to arrive at this balance. With conviction, she explains that we each have our place in society, that we must not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the feeling of being drowned by overcrowding, worry about the unknown or the artifice of meeting on social networks. With it, each individual regains his place in society, a network of humans all necessary to guarantee the balance of the whole! “Man is a social being; nature made it to live with its fellows” Aristote

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