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Small formats for the end of the year celebrations

Small formats for the end of the year celebrations Huiles sur toile 20/20 encadrées 22/22 Précédent Suivant Huiles sur médium 15/15 encadrées 22/22 Précédent Suivant Huiles sur médium 30/30 encadrées 32/32 Précédent Suivant At the workshop by appointment & in the Art Galleries:     Lille : Melting Art Gallery    Maule : DADA Galerie    Chatou :

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An artist, painter and sculptor

In Croissy, in the Yvelines département (in the Parisian region), Clothilde put her heart into setting herself up with oil paints, easels, and brushes in a disordered (naturally!) studio, which contains her plants and paintings, ‘her nature and art’. All around her, life in its many forms seems to intrude upon her activities and pervade everything, particularly her work. She—she says that she ‘peoples the solitude’ in her works—readily accepts this intrusion. Within the walls of her den, the artist’s solitude is inhabited by small tomato plants, groups of plants, all the jars of colour that make up her palette, and canvases, which are everywhere. Completed, incomplete, or blank, they form a sort of compact ‘crowd’ that inhabits the studio.



" In offering us the ability of this “view from the top”, this “relative distance”, Clothilde Lasserre invite us to be more tolerant, humble and to interact more. "
Piero Cavalleri – 2017
" It’s an artistic work that brings a fascinating mean for thinking, that encourages questioning and bear a great sensitivity. "
Luxembourg Art Price
" Perceiving in a painting the relentless motion of multiple characters, capturing whispers of life, that is what Clothilde. "
Aralya April 2015


Rencontres huile sur toile 20 20 32 32 2022 Lasserre copyright ADAGP Paris

Small formats for your end-of-year gifts

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Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. & Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

exposition personnelle de clothilde Lasserre dans le Marais Paris 4ème - huiles sur toile peinture céramique - de toi à moi - espace saint martin