Solo show “Entre nous” – jan 11 > feb 24 2023 – La CLEF – Saint-Germain-en-Laye


Here is a great opportunity to enter the world of the artist:
His creations between oils on canvas and porcelain sculptures take place at LA CLEF and invite us to discover a universe that resonates with the complexity and fragility of human relationships.

At the heart of this exhibition, you will discover the work “Race and history” 200x200cm directly inspired by the book “Race and history” by the anthropologist, ethnologist and philosopher Claude Lévi-Strauss, published in 1952 as part of a series of research that is part of UNESCO’s campaign against racism.


clothilde lasserre raceethistoire paris marais 2022

Opening Tuesday January 24

Nourished by her experience of the human mass seen from the Towers of La Défense in Paris, Clothilde Lasserre gradually builds her vision of the world from above. Varied or homogeneous crowds depict individuals who meet, find each other, avoid each other, underlining the complexity and fragility of human relationships. Oscillating between figuration and abstraction, his compositions perfectly embody this tension between multitude and unity, between our individuality and our need for contact with others. These paintings seen from above invite the spectator to physically experience the questioning of the artist, making him in turn an actor in this equation. Through the play of colors, the number of characters, their positioning and their movement, Clothilde Lasserre makes us feel the richness and beauty of the encounter with the other, and the need to remain open to otherness.

Born in 1969, Clothilde Lasserre is a doctoral engineer in mathematics by training, she has devoted herself entirely to her profession as a visual artist for 20 years. Inspired by the book Race and History by Claude Lévi-Strauss, her oil paintings and porcelain sculptures celebrate paradoxical societies and cultures, both singular and interdependent.

“Man is a social being; nature made it to live with its fellows” Aristote


clothilde lasserre raceethistoire porcelaine paris marais 2022

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