RDV pour la paix – 1er > 16 sept 2022 – Fontenay-sous-bois

RDV D'ART 2022 RDV pour la paix


A stone-winged butterfly, how it regrets having wings. Soul butterfly cannot die,
stone butterfly cannot live, and its wings tremble in our lives.

What is striking in the dense creation of this fragile meeting for peace, sadly peace
ransacked in these ugly times, it is that it seems totally preserved from the excesses manufactured
hyper modernity, in addition to its generosity, its freshness, its authenticity and its own qualities.
Not a gimmick, not a futile experiment, not a fallacious fabrication. amazing model
of safeguarded creativity, and of an indispensable great purity. Beauty here protected and tensions
more than respectable art. Art of lived truth. Art of encounter(s), where the enemy does not exist, where
the other is always a fellow, and a possible (almost) brother. By timeshare donations,
strong energies and voluntary talents. Artists thus dare to remedy the ravages of time.
All the registers of creation are present, in an extreme aesthetic openness: from the body
to the landscape, from the tiny to the excessive, and from the tragic to the sublime. Instead of enrolling in a
agreed, expected, and supposedly collective model, each artist invents his own uniqueness, respects
his personal language and his own art effects. Wonder of being, by making appear, and
Whether they are of the deep body, whether they are intimate, strange or forbidden, these islands
of art travel far from evil worlds. They fit together with the unthinkable of the real, burn our
fragile surfaces, and do not care what is expected of any posture. These tough creators of a Europe
shaken through the very hard paths of the present. They go to the end of the possibilities of the work.
And it is there, no doubt, in a fragile solitude, that they experience what really brings them together,
the impossible union of emptiness and fullness, and the acute nostalgia for the land of paintings.
Precious art of hunger for life.

To visit and see this meeting of art and humanity up close is to travel in creation. In all
its states, in all its brilliance, and in all its directions. The artists who exhibit here,
in Fontenay-sous-Bois, in the aptly named Maison du Citoyen are brought together by Gregor Podgorski,
precious animator of ARTCITÉ, heart of art in the heart of the city. They represent the living blood, united
and healthy of the positive creation of today. For too short a time of hope, they drive away
murderous thoughts and allow each visitor to escape the too dark horizon.
But how to continue, and how to live, when the skin of the earth is saddened and reddened?

“Art is anti-destiny” said Malraux.
The artist who awakens to beauty, be it here generous, modest and modest, is a fighter
always disarmed by a peace always hoped for. A soul watcher who breathes life into our present.

Christian Noorbergen