Le cercle de l'Art
As you know, if you read me on this blog and on social networks, I am participating in season 2 of Cercle de l’art.
What is the principle ?

Le cercle de l’art is based on the acquisition of a work in 12 monthly installments for one year, the purchaser becomes a collector of the artist by joining his circle, which gives him access to certain privileges.
Le cercle de l’art is an idea of ​​Margaux Derhy, artist. We are 102 artists having the chance to participate in session 2.

=> Visit the Cercle de l’art website to find out more.

Why become a privileged member of my circle?

Do you follow me on the networks or receive my news? We had the opportunity to exchange during an exhibition? You are touched by my approach but the opportunity has not yet arisen to acquire one of my Works? This is a privileged opportunity thanks to an innovative approach:

  • You enter a community of collectors and artists rich in exchanges and discoveries
  • You choose your work from a portfolio of fifteen works created exclusively for this occasion, with payment spread over 12 months,
  • You benefit from preferential advantages which will be exclusively revealed to you in April,
  • You support my artistic approach by participating in the creation of a monthly income for the artist
How do I become a privileged member of my circle?

By registering via the form below and from April, you will then be able to have access, here, on my site, to my catalog of works created exclusively for this occasion. I will reveal some details of works on the networks, and I repeat that only collectors in my circle will be able to access them.

Mon cercle d'art

To access the portfolio, simply use the form below:

Parlez-en autour de vous, c’est une incroyable opportunité d’acheter de l’art dans des conditions sur mesure !

How will mon cercle be born?

Thanks to you, your family, your friends and friends of friends, former collectors, future collectors, art lovers who have never dared to declare themselves
By making the project known by word of mouth: talk about it around you as much as you want
Spreading it on social media, especially Instagram

Dates to remember :

From April 1 to 30, 2023: you will have access to my portfolio of exclusive works. You will be able to choose the work or works that you like, reserve them.
You can also come and meet me at my studio. I will give opening dates, or you can make an appointment with me.
Beyond this date, it will no longer be possible to join mon cercle.

From May 1st: you will be able to receive your works and the monthly payments will begin.

Note: If it is impossible to pick up your work in my studio in Croissy-sur-Seine, delivery costs are additional.