BIENNALE of contemporary art – Cachan – May 11 > July 1, 2023

BIENNALE of contemporary art – Cachan

A raw creator, a born inventor, children know no limits to their imagination. He is not polished by any artistic precept and he is guided by his own inner impulse. Artists seem to refuse the exile of childhood because they are always in search of this state of transformation, this moment so fleeting, so fragile and which is part of each of us.


To take the time of childhood is to re-examine the possibilities of new collective perspectives, it is to take a moment to reflect on the authenticity and fragility of being, while also questioning the notion of transmission. The theme of this edition is therefore placed under the sign of the unbridled imagination, expressiveness and perpetual experimentation.


biennale d'art contemporain de cachan 2023 clothilde lasserre

Letter of intent from Clothilde Lasserre:

Links are created, encounters materialize and give us faith in each other.
Unconsciously, we immediately think of children because they come and go, play, run. The adult does not see himself, does not imagine himself in this scene. Unconsciously, the enthusiasm that we literally feel in running towards each other, the adult no longer experiences it! He has lost this momentum, this spontaneity specific to childhood!
And if this realization makes us feel that time with nostalgia, why wouldn’t it make us want to run, again, towards each other with joy and enthusiasm in the hope of sharing a common perspective together?


An exceptional jury

No less than 160 artists from all over France presented their work to participate in this highlight of the city of Cachan. 57 of them, the majority of them women, were selected by a nationally and internationally renowned jury. This jury, made up of big names such as Julio Le Parc, Françoise Pétrovitch, Florence Guerlain, Olivier Marty, Nathalie Borowski and Olivier de Cayron, greatly contributes to the reputation of the Biennale. By exhibiting the works of well-known artists or new talents, the City also contributes greatly to promoting the work of artists to art galleries.

A multiple course

From May 11 to July 1, 2023, the 57 selected works are exhibited at L’Orangerie and at the Jacques Carat theater gallery. As for the previous edition, large panels will be installed on the gates of the Raspail park, in order to allow all Cachanais and Cachanaises to also appreciate the biennial in the open air. A proliferation of places to visit can be explained by the desire to make art accessible everywhere and in all circumstances.

Useful information

Exhibition from May 11 to July 1, 2023 (opening Thursday May 11, 2023 at 7 p.m.)

Locations: L’Orangerie, 15 rue Gallieni and Galerie du Théâtre Jacques Carat, 21 avenue Louis Georgeon, during normal opening hours.

Free and free access. For more information: City of Cachan